Hospitality & Leisure

Hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities experience a high level of footfall 24/7; from travellers, tourists, diners and delegates through to day guests, members and suppliers.

Promoting what your venue has to offer can be a minefield; especially as events and special offers come and go. Traditional pull-up banners, leaflets and signs are static, providing little opportunity for you to communicate with your audience in real-time and provide an immersive experience.

At Unified World, we provide a range of digital solutions ideal for promoting your menu, events & facilities as well as offering a self-service solution for your visitors. You can even take the opportunity to promote your partners and receive advertising revenue in return.

Products which suit the hospitality and leisure market include:

Their uses are many so we recommend an informal chat to discuss your requirements and show you how digital signage can work for your hotel or leisure facility.