Learning through play and physical movement.

WizeFloor provides a vast collection of games and activities which are projected onto the floor and made interactive using camera tracking technology. Players use their hands, feet and other physical objects such as bean bags or play cones to play games and complete activities individually or in groups.

Designed for education.

WizeFloor is primarily designed for use in education and this is reflected in the wide range of educational games and activities which are unlike any other interactive floor solution.

The games and activities are created using a suite of different applications that are designed in such a way that they stimulate interactivity, cooperation and inclusion for everyone using the floor.

Most of the applications focus on the collaborative team score rather than the individual to encourage team work.

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Collaborative Learning

WizeFloor is a multi-player application. Multiple players can use the floor simultaneously, learning and developing social skills, as well as have a lot of fun!

Even with multiple users the applications focus on collaboration, so players must work together to complete the activities. Players must achieve the best team score as well as their own individual scores.

For the ultimate collaborative experience, WizeFloor can involve an entire class using over 22 underlying applications which form the basis of literally hundreds of activities and games.

Truly Cross-Curricular

Create activities for any subject in minutes. With WizeFloor you can create new activities in minutes. From Maths to Science, RE to ICT, English to MFL, History to PSHCEE – a wide range of built-in applications underpin literally hundreds of games and activities and WizeFloor allows you to create your own, quickly and easily.

As you set the questions, activities and game parameters, you can make the exercises as easy or difficult as you want to fit your subject, groups and classes. Once you’ve created an activity, you can easily create a copy of it and by making only small changes create new activities for different abilities.

Elderly & Dementia Care

WizeFloor makes is so easy to import your own content onto the floor. This means that new stimulating activities can be made quickly using your own photographs and videos. As well as stimulating memories, WizeFloor also encourages activity and exercise and can be set to work at any pace with or without time limits. For those users with limited ability to interact directly, objects such as small bean-bags can be used to interact with the floor.

Libraries & Public Spaces

WizeFloor can be programmed to run through set sequences of games or activities making it ideal for unattended use in public spaces such as libraries, waiting rooms or shopping centres.

WizeFloor can work through the programmed sequence automatically as each activity is completed, or progress through the activities on a timed basis and because WizeFloor is projected onto the floor surface, when it’s switched off there’s nothing left behind!

Museums & Leisure

Create interactive exhibits and learning activities with ease and change/update these as required. WizeFloor can easily be administered remotely through the cloud portal, making it ideal for installation in leisure environments and museums.

If you’re looking for an amazing, customised and relevant interactive exhibit, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.