Easy and complete control at a TOUCH

Our interactive touchscreens put you in complete control of your lesson or presentation. That’s because our screens are equipped with highly accurate, multi-touch sensor technology that allows multiple users to interact with the screens simultaneously. Tango touchscreens can be operated using your finger or a stylus. What’s more, the Ultra HD/4K image quality will ensure that your presentations truly wow your audience.

LG 4K UHD Panel – Grade-A LG 4K panel for incredible picture quality in Ultra HD resolution. Ultra-high resolution provides unbelievable detail and a realistic picture.

Android on-board – All our touch screens have Android as standard. Use the built-in drawing and whiteboard tools, annotate over any input, cast and share screens to and from mobile devices, install and run apps.

Ultra-slim touch – Our new high precision ultra-slim touch frame supports 20 touch points and offers unparalleled responsiveness and accuracy for a truly natural writing and drawing experience.

5-year warranty – All our touchscreens come with a best in class 5 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

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Tango multitouch software

Intuitive, compatible with all brands of touchscreen, and designed to simplify and enhance the use of large format touchscreens. No more fiddly buttons or toolbars that would normally require the use of a stylus or pen, simply use the screen as you would do a tablet, smart phone or any other multi-touch device to ‘pinch and grab’, ‘drag and drop’, resize, rotate and annotate.

Seamless and responsive navigation means that all features, from the simple drawing tools, to easily inserting content from the internet as well as your own resources, will present an engaging, memorable and visually stimulating experience, time and time again.

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