Office Phone Systems

With an array of systems on the market, choosing the most economical and practical system for your business is a long and arduous task. This task hasn’t been made any simpler since phone systems have evolved and can now be stored in the cloud.

At Unified World we have years of experience in the telecoms sector and understand that business growth, budgets and multi-site requirements play a huge part in determining the right office phone system for you.

Like any technology sooner or later it becomes obsolete.  BT supply the vast majority of the fixed line infrastructure.  In 2025, BT have decided to close the fixed line hosting platform.  What this means is any old phone system which uses a physical land line will become redundant.  New phone systems are utilising broadband (hosted systems) as a cloud-based solution.


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At Unified World we work with you to ensure the smooth transition from your on-site ISDN phone system (the box on the wall) to a cloud-based platform where your office phone system is connected via the internet. We take a phased approach to upgrading your office phone system, so that you can transition without a huge hit on your finances or major disruption to your working day.

Cloud-based office phone systems offer businesses a full range of reliable and secure communication services all hosted and supported in the cloud. Benefits include:

  • No maintenance costs
  • No capital outlay
  • Money saving
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity as standard
  • Make changes, moves and additions instantly
  • Free calls between your offices
  • Manage your own calls and facilities
  • Great voice quality
  • Let your staff work flexibly from wherever they want

SIP trunking is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media service. It is based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)[1] by which Zest4 deliver telephone services and unified communications to customers equipped with SIP-based private branch exchange (IP-PBX).

Unlike in traditional telephony, where bundles of physical wires were once delivered from the service provider to a business, a SIP trunk allows a company to replace these traditional fixed PSTN lines with PSTN connectivity via a SIP trunking service provider on the Internet.

SIP trunks can offer significant cost-savings for enterprises, eliminating the need for local PSTN gateways, costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces).


  • Geo Number Flexibility – Present alternate CLI’s – gives access to geographic number ranges outside of a business’ normal area thereby giving a local feel.
  • Business Continuity – a range of DR options
  • Automatic failover
  • 01,02,03 calls are free of charge
  • Scaleable on a per-channel basis

Office Phone Systems

Talk Express is a brand new fully hosted and managed, IP telephony service.

Running on BT’s highly resilient and secure next-generation network, calls aren’t routed over the public internet, ensuring the highest quality calls for your customers.

The service provides the functionality of a high-end telephone system (PBX), but with lower upfront costs.

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8×8 cloud communications deliver the scalability, security and reliability that today’s enterprises demand. Companies everywhere are turning to the cloud for a more flexible, comprehensive solution for their communications and collaboration needs.

IT leaders and workgroup managers are seeing the cloud as the preferred way to stay ahead of rapidly changing needs and increasingly sophisticated demands of customers. Businesses are finding that sticking with their legacy PBX entails risks, costs and liabilities including:

  • Losing ground to competitors with superior communications capabilities
  • System outages and unplanned downtime that harm your business, reputation, and profitability
  • Inability to replace critical components as dated technology reaches end of life
  • Attrition of in-house expertise required to maintain legacy infrastructure
  • High upgrade costs associated with keeping server environments up to date

8×8 also provides enterprise-class service and support that is flexible and responsive to business needs around the world. Technical support with dedicated personnel is available by telephone, email and chat. In addition, our Network Operations Centre is available 24/7, every day of the year.

And for enterprise customers with large or complex communications requirements, 8×8’s optional Elite Touch program leverages our proven processes—honed over 50,000 customer implementations—to accelerate the move to your new system, from project scope definition to deployment to ongoing support.

Virtual Office Unified Communications Features

  • Unified national/international communications and collaboration solution
  • Business analytics to boost productivity and accelerate strategic decisions
  • Optional HD voice and videoconferencing
  • Mobility—Apple and Android apps for worker productivity
  • Presence management and chat
  • Conformance to security and compliance requirements
  • Integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, NetSuite and many others
  • Supports remote workers
  • Reduces demands on IT resources

The first step to unified communications A secure cloud-based phone system, One Net Business joins up your landline and mobile communications so that you’re always connected. This fully integrated communications service is possible because Vodafone is the first network in the UK to offer a converged service for fixed and mobile phones.

Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, One Net Business provides better customer experience, boosts staff productivity, efficiency and morale – meaning you can work better, from anywhere, from any of your devices. Add Office 365 and Skype for Business for a fully unified solution. If you’re looking for added desktop and tablet connectivity too, One Net Collaboration combines One Net Business with Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business so that when a call comes in, it can ring on a fixed phone, mobile, tablet or computer. By turning any business device into a work phone, with One Net Collaboration, your people can be contacted, and contact others, any way they want.

* Source: UK employee productivity. Report published 2017. Survey conducted by Bryter – research based insight and consultancy on behalf of Vodafone May 2017.

Benefits of One Net Business

  • Landline and mobile communications are seamless when all your devices are connected via a single platform
  • One customer-facing number – a virtual landline – on all outbound calls lets you advertise anywhere
  • A PC-based operator console lets receptionists see worker availability and route calls at the click of a mouse
  • Everybody can make or take calls, exchange documents, and connect to one another no matter where they are
  • The mobile app lets each worker manage their calls and profiles, and retrieve voicemail from any device, in or out of the office
  • Work remotely from anywhere, with Vodafone EuroTraveller and World Traveller. UK data and call allowances start at just £3 a day.
  • One Net Business is cloud-based, offers free calls on and between sites, and needs little capital investment
  • One contract for all landlines and mobiles makes it easy to see where you spend money, and where you could save it

Horizon is a complete communications service for business that provide an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.

The service has lots of clever features and an emphasis on control and administration through the web which takes the burden away from your IT team. With minimal capital outlay required, Zest4 Horizon is a reliable and proven service with a jargon free approach to telephony and communications. Horizon is a suitable solution for any sized business looking to improve their productivity and image.


  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Transfer
  • Click to dial
  • Busy Lamp Keys
  • Call Recording
  • Call Waiting
  • Music on hold
  • Auto Attendant
  • CLI Flexibility
  • Homeworker
  • One Number anywhere
  • Hot Desking
  • Mobile Twinning


  • Features that you can easily control
  • Empower your staff with Œone number anywhere¹
  • An on-demand service with no hidden costs
  • Lower Call Costs
  • Enables Flexible Working
  • Number Choice
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery solution

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