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Differences in Telephone Lines Explained

BT Openreach are making Analogue (PSTN) and Digital (ISDN) voice calls redundant by 2025. Let's take you through the evolution of connectivity; from PSTN through to SIP and what this means for your business. PSTN [...]
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Are Your Meetings Productive?

While meetings are always well intentioned, they usually end up spiralling off topic with no outcome, eventually becoming a “bad meeting”. Unfortunately, these bad meetings are what erode performance and impact your bottom line. MEETINGS [...]

Transitioning to Cloud-Based (VoIP) Office Phone Systems

With BT making ISDN and traditional landlines obsolete in 2025, it’s time to think about the transition to cloud-based office phone systems. Cloud (VoIP) systems provide the same functionality and call quality as your existing [...]
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Case Study – ELCC

East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce upgraded its telecoms to Vodafone One Net Business. This followed discussions with Chamber member, Unified World, who had been looking after our mobile phones for two years and more recently [...]