Unified World Communications Visiontrack VTGo+ giveaway

Last week I posted a brief blog about some new telematics gear we offer, the Visiontrack vt2000 visit the blog here. Visiontrack offers a simple way to combine black box and video telematics to your drives. The good news is we are currently having a giveaway of a Visiontrack VTGo+. See below for details.

The little brother

The VTGo+ I see as the big little brother to the VT2000. The VTGo+ is marketed as possibly the smallest and coolest dash cam in the world. Arguably perfect for this statement after seeing the device first hand. This device is tiny, weighing in at only 36g. This will not make a meaningful difference to power or fuel consumption on your daily drive. Similar to the VT2000, the VTGo boasts GPS, SD card support, 1080p video recording, WiFi capabilities and Bluetooth all in a small cube design comparable in size to a fidget cube.

Everyone needs an app

For ease of use, Visiontrack has an app for iOS and Android. Despite its small size, the device can record significant detail of a journey all viewable through the app. Information such as location, route, speed and duration of a journey are all accessible via Bluetooth through the app. For such a small device it actually offers a great deal of tracking information.

Unified World giveaway

Here at Unified World, we are so impressed with the product range so far that we are giving away one of these beautiful little devices. To have a chance at winning there are 3 simple things to do:

  1. Like our FaceBook page here
  2. Like and share our giveaway post (pinned at the top of our FaceBook page)
  3. Come back on the 14th February 2018 to see the winner.

Good luck to everyone and if you want to see a demo of the products feel free to contact us at info@unifiedworld.co.uk .

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