Unified World Communications VisionTrack VT2000 telematics made easy

Here at Unified World Communications, we deal with a wide range of technologies that can help improve our daily lives. Telematics is one focus of ours, delivering the ability to monitor fleet movement. The new VisionTrack vt2000 allows businesses to monitor their fleet and action any incidents quickly and efficiently.

From black box to video telematics

Traditional black box systems allow drivers to monitor and see when incidents occur. If a driver suddenly brakes they will be able to see the incident but not what caused it. With video telematics, provided by us here at Unified World, you are able to see when an incident occurred and why. You are also able to view a map of the route taken by a specific driver. This includes key information on speed, duration, time departed, the time arrived and sudden braking.

The VT2000 is installed with a memory card along with a sim card, allowing for recording and monitoring. The memory card records every journey until the storage is full and overwrites out of date data.  The sim card provides an internet connection for the dashcam allowing for location information to be available live on the VisionTrack Portal.

Utilising a sim card, each dashcam is configured to automatically send a 20-second video of an incident to a portal. If sudden braking occurs, the dashcam will immediately transmit a short video clip to the portal. A fleet manager can instantly see footage of why the driver braked suddenly. If an accident happens, the information is passed to the relevant team much quicker.

The dashcam can be also be configured to record video automatically for other instances, such as when a specified speed is reached. A panic button on the back of the device allows a user to automatically record and upload an incident.

A portal for all

The portal is simple to use and allows for viewing the most information possible. You can quickly see an instant overview of 3 things. Devices driving, offline and sleep (or a long period since reported back). This is accompanied by a map showing live locations of devices. Each one selectable and searchable by registration plate.

You are able to select a specific unit and check the history of the driver including routes and incidents and view each one independently.

Overall this is a great piece of kit for any business looking to start monitoring their drivers and mileage. Dashcams overall are reducing lead time on insurance claims and assisting investigations of incidents.

For more information, feel free to give us a call and we can book you in to see a demonstration of the system.

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