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Galaxy S9 Keeps the Headphone

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S9 & S9+ during the Mobile World Conference 2018 in Barcelona this past weekend. And unlike Apple, Google and Huawei, Samsung has kept the headphone jack – hooray! Many companies have opted out against a headphone jack, however, some like Samsung keep the headphone jack.

But keeping the headphone jack is not the only news from the Samsung’s event we are excited about. Tagged as “The Phone Reimagined”, the S9’s are the first smartphone with a dual-aperture camera along with new AR emojis.

Dual-Aperture Camera

The camera, like the larger Galaxy Note 8, uses two wide-angle cameras which switch depending on whether you shoot in Low-light and outside. Samsung state that they are “Looking at how we can copy what the human eye can do automatically”. The dual-aperture systems provide the camera with as much light in as possible when in dark environments whilst making sure photography in good light doesn’t suffer.

Augmented Reality Emojis

Samsung has also taken a page from the Apple Handbook with animated AR emojis. However, unlike with Apple where it tracks your expression and copies it onto the poop emoji, Samsung will instead map your expressions onto a cartoon version of yourself. And unlike most competitor’s, you can use the emoji in your choice of messenger.

In Summary

The Galaxy S9 & S9+ comes with curved edges with minimal bezel, water resistance and wireless charging from last years popular Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S9 comes in two varieties. The standard with its 5.8in screen and the bigger 6.2in screen of the Galaxy S9+.

Whether Samsung has done enough to bring its current Galaxy S8 customers to upgrade to the Galaxy S9 & S9+, time will tell. The Galaxy S9 & S9+ will ship with Android Oreo. The devices will come in 3 colours, black, blue or purple.

The phones set for release on 16 March 2018.

Click here for Samsung Galaxy S9 Launch Video

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