Unified World Communications iOS 11 - Files App

Files App

Apple has introduced a new way to manage documents and files in iOS. Taking a step up from the previous ‘iCloud Drive’ app and building upon it with multiple cloud services in mind with a new Files App.

With the Files app, you can instantly browse, edit and share your files wherever they are stored. With support already added for iCloud Drive, DropBox, Box and OneDrive, all your files are now in one central location.

The interface of the Files App is rather simple with Browse or Recent tabs on the bottom. In the Browse tab, your files are filtered by Location followed by Favourites and Tags. This makes it very easy to link files together by a tag regardless of which cloud service they are stored on.

In order to set up and allow access to your files stored in 3rd party services, you must first download the corresponding app i.e. DropBox. Files will then allow you to toggle DropBox as an option to become accessible within the Files app.

As with most of Apple’s own software, it is a very simple but effective application. It allows you quick and easy browsing options to view your files.

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