Unified World Communications GDPR Countdown has begun

GDPR Will be Enforced From May is Your Business Ready?

The new GDPR regulations will be introduced in May.

Less than 100 days away.

Have you assessed whether you meet the requirements?

Or like many, have you still not checked whether the way you store client data is compliant or exempt under the new rules?

There was some discussion that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) would not be able to fund the policing of the regulations. This week the UK Government presented plans to increase the annual fees for data controllers from £500 to £2900 to ensure that the ICO will be a fully functioning body.

The new payments will be structured dependant on the size and turnover of the business.

The confusion seems to occur with what information is exempt under the new regulations.

With fines potentially being set between 2% or 4% of annual revenue, it is wise to be safe rather than sorry. So what can you do?

How Unified World is Helping Lancashire Businesses

Director Howard Jones has enjoyed bringing in business owners and directors from around the region to his Technology events.

Once a quarter, company decision makers are invited to come and look at the latest business technologies on offer.

The sessions allow those attending to have a hands-on experience and decide if there are any advantages to incorporating items into their own business. They are also excellent networking opportunities for Lancashire based companies and those not too far away.

In terms of investment and initiatives, the county is quickly developing a real buzz in terms of growth. With forward looking leadership from businesses like Unified World and professionals coming together in this way, it is an exciting time. New technology being introduced and support networks like Lancashare, Boost and Digital Lancashire pushing the region forward means things are far from being grim up north!

On the 21st March, the next Technology Event will take place and for this meet up, Howard has arranged for 2 seminars to take place explaining all you could wish to know about the upcoming GDPR regulations and how they could affect your business. Completely free of charge, the advice will be presented by StoneHouse Logic, it really is an opportunity not to be missed.

With the chance to chat, enjoy refreshments and test out the latest gadgets from innovators like Vodafone, Sony and others it will be another hugely enjoyable afternoon.

How Can I Attend?

Simply give us a call and we will add you to our guest list.

*At the time of writing, places are limited but we can always take your details and invite you to the next event should you miss out this time around.

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