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by Adam Littlewood / 10.07.2018

Apple’s USB Restriction Mode

Apple has released iOS 11.4.1, a small update containing an important new security feature: USB Restriction Mode. These new settings protect against USB devices that connect to break an iPhone’s security and encryption safeguards.

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by Adam Littlewood / 14.05.2018

The End of ISDN is coming

By 2025 BT has projected they will no longer supply traditional landline numbers and the end of ISDN is coming.

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by Martin West / 27.02.2018

New Design for Sony Xperia XZ2

With this next-generation of Xperia, a new concept in design has arrived.

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by Jill Wells / 02.02.2018

Dashcam Solutions For Business Users

Unified World offer one of the Leading In-Vehicle Camera & Safety technology platforms.

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by Anthony Baldwin / 04.01.2018

VisionTrack VT2000 telematics made easy

The new VisionTrack vt2000 allows businesses to monitor their fleet and action any incidents quickly and efficiently using video telematics

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by Anthony Baldwin / 08.12.2016

Bluetooth 5

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by Anthony Baldwin / 06.12.2016

5G internet is officially active…

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by Unified World / 09.12.2015

Microsoft officially launches Cortana on iPhone and Android

Cortana makes it’s way onto multiple platforms to compete and offer an alternative to Google Now and Siri.

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by Unified World / 23.09.2015

Office 2016

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by Unified World / 10.06.2015

Product Review: Sum Up

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by Unified World / 08.06.2015

Nokia Lumia 640

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