Is your Sign-in Book Breaking the Law?

Can your visitors see who has been in the building before them? Are their personal details on show for everyone to see? This is a GDPR breach and your establishment could face a substantial fine. [...]
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Why Lease Mobile Phones

Before the days of sophisticated mobile phones, or ‘smartphones’ as they are now known, the cost of acquiring the latest models rarely broke the bank. 10 years ago, even the most premium of premium handsets [...]
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Differences in Telephone Lines Explained

BT Openreach are making Analogue (PSTN) and Digital (ISDN) voice calls redundant by 2025. Let's take you through the evolution of connectivity; from PSTN through to SIP and what this means for your business. PSTN [...]
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Technology Debate – Roundtable

The Internet of Things is revolutionising the way we all live and work. We gathered a panel at our office in Blackburn to look at the impact on businesses and how they are responding to [...]
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