Unlimited Data Is HERE!

UNLIMITED DATA TARIFFS HAVE ARRIVED AT UNIFIED WORLD!!!! Unlimited data is now available even if you are not yet due an upgrade. Stop overcharges by switching to an unlimited tariff today. Stream music and video without [...]
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Why Lease Mobile Phones

Before the days of sophisticated mobile phones, or ‘smartphones’ as they are now known, the cost of acquiring the latest models rarely broke the bank. 10 years ago, even the most premium of premium handsets [...]
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Top Five Mobile Business Apps

Whatsapp - you may already be using Whatsapp on a personal level, but it also has a lot to offer for business users. Whatsapp allows texts, calls and the sharing of files over wifi or [...]
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“Unified World Communications (former Neil Howard Telecoms) have managed the Silentnight group account for over 30 years. During this time we have found them to provide excellent customer service and support both from field and internal […]

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