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Are you considering having a dashcam? Almost every driver in Russia has a dashcam fitted to their vehicle. Essentially, they quickly became a requirement in the face of first-hand driver accounts rarely being mistrusted by the system. Meanwhile, in the UK, in-vehicle cameras were utilised by the police to document various aspects of traffic control procedure.

In 2015, the sale of in-vehicle CCTV to the public soared in the UK. Viewed as a method of protecting drivers from fraudulent insurance claims, demand continued to grow.

As we enter 2018, technology in this niche is cutting-edge and continuous development brings high sophistication and increased functionality. Unified World offers one of the leading in-vehicle camera and safety technology platforms. The reliable and innovative hardware teamed with intuitive cloud-based software ensures a powerful tracking and monitoring solution for fleet and private owners. The complete in-vehicle CCTV package, telematics and integrated dashcam powered by VisionTrack, is one of the most effective in the UK. The solution improves driver behaviour and speeds up any insurance claim process.

Passionate about road safety, we aim to educate drivers to drive defensively, allowing space and reaction time as even a quarter of a second can be the difference between a serious collision and survival.

In-vehicle CCTV Technology

Unified World aims to bring you the best technology on the market.

At the core of the system is a five-channel High Definition mobile digital video recorder (DVR) with GPS. Built-in mobile data allows remote management and live-viewing. Monitoring and recording surrounding traffic, the system also tracks the fleet in real time. Resulting analytics and live video allow fleet management to assess risks, boost efficiency and most importantly, reduce costs.

As an additional option, a detection system ensures the driver can spot vulnerable road users. Previously unseen blind-spot zones around the vehicle are now fully visible. As a result, Safer reversal, turning manoeuvres and considerate driving are all pushed to higher standards thanks to this impressive equipment.

Perhaps the most important consideration is how much money a dashcam could save your business. Insurers could reduce your premiums by up to 20%. Ultimately, that’s a significant saving of £136 on an average premium.

Coming to a Street Near You?

Consequently, a growing number of businesses around the UK are equipping fleets with dashcams. Our solution comprises of in-vehicle camera systems & telematics on a standard single platform. Furthermore, it can include cameras on all sides of the vehicles providing a 360° view.

Basically, your business fleet will not only meet regulatory requirements in road safety but surpass them.

In 2016, North Wales Police launched Operation Snap. Drivers were encouraged to upload captured footage of dangerous driving. As a result, over 100 clips have resulted in 80 penalties issued (according to AutoExpress Magazine).

Unified World can help you to protect your employees and your assets reducing costs and risks.

So, why not manage your fleet or company cars more efficiently? Call us today to arrange a demonstration. See for yourself why Unified World In-vehicle CCTV products are leaders in this sector.

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