Unified World Communications Are you beach mobile ready?

Quick tips for using your phone abroad

Check your destination

Before traveling anywhere outside of the country, ring us and double check your package adequately covers your requirements in your destination country. A quick check can save hundreds of pounds of unexpected charges. This can also help avoid any unnecessary problems occurring when you arrive whether you use your phone for business or not whilst away. The last thing you want is to arrive on holiday and realise you cannot make a call.

Ensure your number and device are enabled for roaming

Planning to update social media upon arrival? Ensure you are ready to go by enabling roaming settings on your device. This is different on every device but enable or disabling roaming is easy and will have you ready to use immediately when you are abroad. It is also worth double checking with us that your number is enabled for roaming. Alternatively, if you plan to switch your phone off as soon as you’ve let relatives know you are safe, let us know and we will enable a roaming bar on your number.

Plan your data usage

If you are accustomed to going home in the evening and streaming the day’s events including sports and news. Or catching up on your latest binge craze on Netflix, plan your data! Most households forget they are connected to wi-fi at home and may not be whilst on holiday. This will radically increase your data usage and could result in you breaching your limit far sooner than expected. Try to connect to Wi-Fi wherever possible, ask your hotel reception for their Wi-Fi password.

Plan your data usage: Prepare kids devices

Children playing games on phones or tablets when away to keep distracted is a common reason for high bill charges upon returning to the UK. Follow our quick guide to enable restrictions on their devices to disable mobile data usage completely while you are away so they can only be used on Wi-Fi. Pokemon Go can catch you some high data usage if you are not careful.

iOS Restrictions for kids in 30 seconds

Voicemail, PIN, and passwords

Since the voicemail hacking scandal, PIN codes have almost become mandatory with most networks. If you are roaming on a non-UK network and attempt to access your voicemail, you will be asked to enter your PIN. If you haven’t pre-set this you will be required to ring us and we can submit a reset for your Voicemail PIN but this can take up to 24 hours. Set this before you go. On Vodafone dial 121, enter option 4, 2 and 2 once more. This will allow you to set your security PIN for your voicemail.

To call us while you are abroad, please remember your account password. We may also need to seek authorisation from your business’ primary contact who is authorised to make any¬† required changes.

Airplane mode is a must

Some flights now allow you to use your mobile in flight. However whilst flying over the globe your device will be trying to get a signal from wherever it can if there is no Wi-Fi available. This means you may not be connected to your home network or at your destination and potentially be charged. Play it safe and place your phone in Airplane mode before you depart and only disable it upon arrival.


  • Selfie sticks – Still a popular accessory for holiday goers, providing opportunities for the best photo and videos taken in the sun.
  • Waterproof cases – Create slo-mo or time-lapse videos in the sea. This could even provide you with a bit of extra protection from sand and water when on the beach.
  • Insurance – Are you covered if your device is lost or stolen whilst away?

In case of emergency

You can never be too prepared. Add Unified World Communications to your contacts just in case you need to make any last minute changes whilst you are abroad. Add +441254271333 into your phone to call us out there.

If you have any questions before you go away, always double check to make sure! Email help@unifiedworld.co.uk with any questions and we will do our best to advise you.


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