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by Unified World / 09.10.2018

Join us at our IoT Tech Day on the 28.11.18

We want to share our knowledge, expertise and ideas with other businesses who are looking to gain an insight into the impact of IoT

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by Adam Littlewood / 10.07.2018

Apple’s USB Restriction Mode

Apple has released iOS 11.4.1, a small update containing an important new security feature: USB Restriction Mode. These new settings protect against USB devices that connect to break an iPhone’s security and encryption safeguards.

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by Adam Littlewood / 01.06.2018

Avoid Data Roaming Charges

With the holiday season in full swing, chances are you are heading abroad. And we don’t want your holiday ruined by data roaming charges or not having your mobile ready to use abroad, so here are a few steps you can take to avoid any additional charges and headaches.

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by Anthony Baldwin / 23.05.2018

Are you beach mobile ready?

Planning to go on holiday soon. Plan for your mobile use abroad now before you go.

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by Anthony Baldwin / 22.05.2018

Beware of receiving international spam calls

Everybody knows what it’s like to receive an automated or a spam call. Sometimes these are call centres asking about your insurance trying to bag a quick sale.

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by Adam Littlewood / 14.05.2018

The End of ISDN is coming

By 2025 BT has projected they will no longer supply traditional landline numbers and the end of ISDN is coming.

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by Martin West / 10.04.2018

UK’s 5G spectrum auction has concluded

Big four operators securing 34 pieces of spectrum across 2 bands. Vodafone, O2 and BT’s EE each spent in more than £300m on the 5G spectrum

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by Martin West / 09.04.2018

Finding a Kitchen Tablet for Moonira

Blackburn’s very own Moonira Hinglotwala is competing in the final of BBC’s Masterchef on Friday (13th April) so we thought we would give her some advice on getting a Kitchen Tablet

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by Adam Littlewood / 15.03.2018

Alexa in the Workplace

“ Alexa, what’s on my schedule today? ” is something you may start hearing more often as Amazon’s virtual assistant is starting to invade the workplace.

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by Anthony Baldwin / 14.03.2018

Apple’s Health app, Medical ID and Emergency SOS

Important features to improve health awareness and potentially save lives.

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by Anthony Baldwin / 09.03.2018

What to consider for GDPR compliance?

When considering GDPR compliance, businesses must put mobile devices on even footing with desktops. This is especially true as we race toward May 2018, when the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) takes effect.

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by Anthony Baldwin / 08.03.2018

Android P – Developer Preview now available

Android P developer preview is now available, so what’s new. I’ll be giving you a brief rundown on what is new about this version of Android.

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by Martin West / 01.03.2018

An Agile Business in 10 Steps

Discover why introducing unified communications could be the answer to becoming an agile business.

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by Anthony Baldwin / 01.03.2018

Apple HomePod – The dumbest smart speaker

I’m back with a brief rundown of what the 1-month-old Apple HomePod can and cannot do.

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by Martin West / 27.02.2018

New Design for Sony Xperia XZ2

With this next-generation of Xperia, a new concept in design has arrived.

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by Adam Littlewood / 27.02.2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 Announced

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+ during the Mobile World Conference 2018 in Barcelona

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by Anthony Baldwin / 26.02.2018

Nokia 8110 – 22 years later another retro revival

A phone made infamous by the film ‘The Matrix’ is back for millennials to enjoy.

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by Jill Wells / 22.02.2018

GDPR Countdown has begun

The new GDPR regulations will be introduced in May. Less than 100 days away.

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by Anthony Baldwin / 12.02.2018

150+ new Emoji coming soon in Unicode 11

New emoji for iOS 12, Android 9 and Windows 10 later in 2018.

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by Jill Wells / 02.02.2018

Dashcam Solutions For Business Users

Unified World offer one of the Leading In-Vehicle Camera & Safety technology platforms.

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by Anthony Baldwin / 11.01.2018

Visiontrack VTGo+ giveaway

One lucky person will win a free Visiontrack VTGo+ dashcam.

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by Anthony Baldwin / 04.01.2018

VisionTrack VT2000 telematics made easy

The new VisionTrack vt2000 allows businesses to monitor their fleet and action any incidents quickly and efficiently using video telematics

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