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Unified World Communications are dedicated to making your business much easier to manage.

We specialise in simplifying and centralising your business communications so that you can take advantage of tremendous cost and time savings and gain from increased productivity. At its simplest, this means bridging the gap between fixed and mobile communications so we can ensure that you're always reachable, on one number, wherever you are, with one voicemail service for those times that you're too busy to take a call.

But our solutions don't stop with telephony - we can help to achieve flexibility and efficiency from your computer services, we can cut the cost of your gas and electric services, we can integrate mobile monitoring and mobile tracking services, we can show you Lone Worker Protection via any mobile protecting your employees. Our Account Services team can help you achieve considerable cost savings.

At Unified World Communications, we understand that work is what you do not where you are.

Latest Products & Services

One Net Business

Vodafone One Net brings together your fixed and mobile communications in one system. It means that every user can have just one number for their desk phone and mobile, and one voicemail box for all their messages.
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Competitive Call Rates

High Quality telephone services are a prerequisite for every business. But, if you don't want to sacrifice service by reducing you expenses, then Unified World can help you, whether you wish to keep your lines and numbers with BT or move them to us for a complete solution. Find out more ››

If the G4 doesn’t tempt you, LG announces G4 Stylus and G4s

So the LG G4 is to shortly become available in “key strategic markets” around the world and already the company has announced plans for 2 variations of the new device; LG G4 Stylus with a larger 5.7 inch screen and yup you guessed it, a stylus. And the LG G4S with a lightly smaller impression at 5.0 inches. (more…)

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    The thinnest, fastest and lightest iPhone yet
  2. Apple iPhone 5c 16GB
    The first iPhone to come in bold, brilliant colour
  3. Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB
    Make your life richer, simpler, and more fun.
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    A stunning viewing experience with HD screen
  5. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
    Smart, sleek and waterproof